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カトリック中央協議会 教皇フランシスコ、2019年5月26日「アレルヤの祈り」でのことば 2019-8-19
カトリック中央協議会 教皇フランシスコ、2019年5月22日一般謁見演説:16.どこにいても、あなたの父に祈りなさい 2019-8-16
カトリック中央協議会 第105回 世界難民移住移動者の日(2019年度) 委員会メッセージ 2019-8-16
カトリック中央協議会 한일정부관계의 화해를 향한 가톨릭 정평협 회장담화 2019-8-14
カトリック中央協議会 日韓政府関係の和解に向けての会長談話(日本カトリック正義と平和協議会) 2019-8-14
カトリック中央協議会 2019年「世界難民移住移動者の日」教皇メッセージ(2019.9.29) 2019-8-13
カトリック中央協議会 「2019年8月2日の死刑執行に対する抗議声明」(日本カトリック正義と平和協議会) 2019-8-5
カトリック中央協議会 「新しい歌を主に歌え-聖歌の創作と認可および公表に関する指針-」について 2019-7-31


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Vatican News - English UN calls for eliminating violence against religion 2019-8-24
Vatican News - English Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania remember 'Baltic Way' protest against Soviet Union 2019-8-24
Vatican News - English Holy See-Vietnam Joint Working Group concludes talks 2019-8-23
Vatican News - English Indonesia bishop urges calm in Papua, denounces racism 2019-8-23
Vatican News - English Kenyans commemorate the death of Fr. John Anthony Kaiser 2019-8-23
Vatican News - English Bishop of Salford launches Laudato si’ Centre 2019-8-23
Vatican News - English Australia Bishops: overcoming fear toward migrants and refugees 2019-8-23
Vatican News - English Bishops of Latin America: If the Amazon suffers, the world suffers 2019-8-23
Vatican News - English ‘Gospel Truth’ for August 25, 2019 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English Reflections for the XXI Sunday 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English US Bishop says death penalty is an “attack on human dignity” 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English Caritas India responds to country’s monsoon disaster 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English Benin Bishops say political mediation continues 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English Young people work for peace at World Youth Parliament 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English Bishops of England and Wales renew call to care for creation 2019-8-22
Vatican News - English Asian Catholic communicators vow to build healthier communities 2019-8-21
Vatican News - English Pakistan’s religious minorities ask government for protection and rights 2019-8-21
Vatican News - English Church commemorates 140th anniversary of Knock apparition 2019-8-21
Vatican News - English Sudan: Christian woman part of transitional ruling council 2019-8-21
Vatican News - English Pope at Audience: Beware of hypocrisy, actions speak louder than words 2019-8-21

Catholic News Agency

CNA Daily News HHS conscience rule essential for freedom say Catholic healthcare groups 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Amid efforts to rebuild, residents of Karala face another round of floods 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News New West Virginia bishop addresses scandals head-on at installation Mass 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Catholic leaders voice concern over Amazon fires 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Cincinnati Catholic raised 'red flags' about priest over a year before rape indictment 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Christian filmmakers win right to sue against Minnesota human rights law 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Arizona bishops welcome tuition break for undocumented students 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Exorcists to Jesuit head: Satan is real 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Analysis: Pell, and the politics of Rome 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Agreement reached on permanent Holy See representative to Vietnam 2019-8-24
CNA Daily News Children before politics say parents as Catholic adoption agency heads to court 2019-8-23
CNA Daily News Suspected Hindu radicals arrested in India after attack on Catholic pilgrims  2019-8-23
CNA Daily News Bishops praise proposal to clarify religious exemptions for federal contractors 2019-8-23
CNA Daily News Ex-Philly pastor arrested for charges of embezzling roughly $100,000 of church funds 2019-8-23
CNA Daily News Vatican diplomat: Solidarity must be at the heart of the European project 2019-8-23

Catholic News Service

CNS Top Stories West Virginians meet their new Catholic bishop as humble, holy man 2019-8-24
CNS Top Stories Latin American bishops urge action to save burning Amazon rainforest 2019-8-24
CNS Vatican News 'ABCs' of Christian charity require helping those in need, official says 2019-8-23
CNS Vatican News Matters of life and death: Pope to bring his message to southern Africa 2019-8-23
CNS Top Stories Matters of life and death: Pope to bring his message to southern Africa 2019-8-23
CNS Vatican News Vatican investigates abuse allegation against Chilean president's uncle 2019-8-22
CNS Top Stories Update: Australian pro-life leaders organize to block bill legalizing abortion 2019-8-22
CNS Top Stories Fly tying gives Vermont religious brother a supportive connection to vets 2019-8-22
CNS Vatican News Update: Hypocrisy of 'spiritual tourism' destroys the church, pope says 2019-8-22
CNS Top Stories Update: Appeals court upholds Cardinal Pell conviction on abuse charges 2019-8-21
CNS Top Stories New Orleans' women religious donate 25 acres for flood control project 2019-8-21
CNS Top Stories Chaldean Catholics celebrate Mary, culture, family at Ohio national shrine 2019-8-21
CNS Top Stories Investigation underway into cause for sainthood for martyrs of Burundi 2019-8-21
CNS Vatican News Pope applauds launch of abuse investigation center in Chile 2019-8-21
CNS Vatican News Hospital ship begins serving people along the Amazon 2019-8-20
CNS Vatican News Popular movements key to social change, pope says 2019-8-20
CNS Top Stories LCWR award recipient embraces 'holy chaos' of her ministry to migrants 2019-8-20
CNS Vatican News Pope at Angelus: Christians choose fidelity to Gospel over hypocrisy 2019-8-20
CNS Top Stories Voracious goats keep Wisconsin cemetery looking beautiful the natural way 2019-8-20
CNS Top Stories Update: Sustainable land use urged to ease growing threats to food, water 2019-8-19



CJC通信 ◎スリランカで非常事態解除 テロから4カ月 2019-8-23
CJC通信 ◎豪の州最高裁、児童性的虐待でペル枢機卿の控訴棄却 2019-8-21
CJC通信 ◎教皇が11月訪日に合わせタイも公式訪問=バチカンの関係者 2019-8-20
CJC通信 ◎香港の抗議活動にカトリックが担う役割をBWが解析 2019-8-19
CJC通信 ◎比国家警察長官、米国と新たなテロ対策訓練施設建設で合意覚書 2019-8-19
CJC通信 ◎バビロニアのエルサレム征服証拠発見、聖書の記述裏付けか 2019-8-19
CJC通信 ◎殴られた記者は工作員の可能性、中国当局が報道を沈静化? 2019-8-19
CJC通信 ◎米国の対中追加関税、聖書は適用外にと公表 2019-8-15
CJC通信 ◎教皇、ヨーロッパ情勢や移民問題について伊紙に語る 2019-8-12
CJC通信 ◎エジプトの洞窟教会を「屋外聖書」に=使命に生きるポーランド人彫刻家 2019-8-12


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