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カトリック中央協議会 教皇フランシスコ、 2020年9月1日「被造物を大切にする世界祈願日」メッセージ 2020-9-24
カトリック中央協議会 故ジョセフ・チェノットゥ大司教様のご逝去を悼む 2020-9-18
カトリック中央協議会 教皇フランシスコ、2020年8月12日一般謁見演説 2. 信仰と人間の尊厳 2020-9-15
カトリック中央協議会 駐日教皇大使ジョセフ・チェノットゥ大司教の追悼ミサについて 2020-9-14
カトリック中央協議会 教皇フランシスコ、2020年8月9日「お告げの祈り」でのことば 2020-9-9
カトリック中央協議会 教皇庁典礼秘跡省、教令「一般ローマ暦に記載される 聖ファウスティナ・コヴァルスカおとめの祭儀について」 2020-9-9
カトリック中央協議会 教皇庁典礼秘跡省、教令「一般ローマ暦に記載される ロレトの聖母マリアの祭儀について」 2020-9-9
カトリック中央協議会 聖ファウスティナ・コヴァルスカおとめの記念日(任意)のミサについて 2020-9-9


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Vatican News - English Caritas Europa: EU Pact on Asylum and Migration falls short of expectations 2020-9-24
Vatican News - English Cardinal Czerny: Displaced persons can be a positive force of change 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English Pope prays for Covid-struck Cuba 5 years from his visit 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English US Bishops call for an end to federal executions. 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English The Good Samaritan: Re-affirming the Gospel of Life 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English Kenya’ Sr. Lando to spearhead new national Catholic television 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English Pope: ‘The only way out of the current crisis is all together' 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English Italians vote "Yes" to downsize Parliament 2020-9-23
Vatican News - English Nobel laureate: pandemic could undo progress in children’s rights 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English The US offers reward for capture of Colombian rebel leader 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English Alison Davis: ‘Suffering with Christ is greatest privilege in the world’ 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English Ladaria: Necessary teaching in light of legislation on euthanasia 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English Parolin: UN still needed to respond to the hopes of the world’s people 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English “Euthanasia is a crime against human life, incurable does not mean end of care” 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English Taking care of the sick, learning what it means to love 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English DRC: Bishops’ General Secretary tips parliamentarians on servant leadership 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English Leaked documents reveal laundering of millions of dollars 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English EU and AU leaders urged to put people at heart of peace efforts 2020-9-22
Vatican News - English Canadian Bishops set to hold virtual Plenary Assembly 2020-9-21
Vatican News - English Order of Malta in Beirut: a heartbroken city in an ever-wounded country 2020-9-21

Catholic News Agency

CNA Daily News Call to evangelize highlighted at virtual Guadalupe pilgrimage 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Louisville archbishop pleads for justice and peace after Breonna Taylor decision 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Pastor urges prayer, forgiveness after Florida man tries to burn down Catholic church 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Vatican Cardinal Tagle recovers from coronavirus 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Archbishop Hebda: Minnesota priest’s coronavirus homily ‘inappropriate’ 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Trump, Barr, Barron speak at National Catholic Prayer breakfast 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Mexico investigating alleged ICE detainee hysterectomies 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Trump announces 'Born Alive' executive order for abortion survivors 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Pope Francis blesses bell that will ring out in defence of unborn 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News Quebec religious leaders decry heightened coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship 2020-9-24
CNA Daily News British prime minister’s son baptized a Catholic 2020-9-23
CNA Daily News Amy Coney Barrett and 'building the Kingdom of God' 2020-9-23
CNA Daily News University of Iowa 'targeted' Christian group, lawyers argue 2020-9-23
CNA Daily News Pope Francis: Subsidiarity means everyone has a role in healing society 2020-9-23
CNA Daily News More than 130 Colorado doctors, scientists support late-term abortion ban  2020-9-23
CNA Daily News Know some excellent parishes of the pandemic? There's an award for that 2020-9-23
CNA Daily News The medieval carpentry techniques used in Notre Dame cathedral rebuild 2020-9-23

Catholic News Service

News – Catholic News Service Trump says he’ll sign order to ensure babies born alive receive care 2020-9-24
News – Catholic News Service Droughts, derecho, COVID-19, trade with China make year tough for farming 2020-9-23
News – Catholic News Service U.S. bishops say ‘enough’ on federal executions 2020-9-23
News – Catholic News Service True change requires input of everyone, not just the powerful, pope says 2020-9-23
Vatican – Catholic News Service True change requires input of everyone, not just the powerful, pope says 2020-9-23
News – Catholic News Service Quebec government limits churches to 50 people, 25 in riskier regions 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service ‘You are not alone,’ Portland, Ore., archbishop tells victims of wildfires 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service Five years ago, Pope Francis visited United States with message of encouragement 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service Vatican reaffirms, clarifies church teachings on end-of-life care 2020-9-22
Vatican – Catholic News Service Vatican reaffirms, clarifies church teachings on end-of-life care 2020-9-22
Vatican – Catholic News Service COVID-19 restrictions offer chance to support rural tourism, Vatican says 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service Oregon Catholic family, good Samaritans document terrifying canyon fire 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service Antebellum 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service Cardinal likens fading Christian presence in Middle East to a sinking ship 2020-9-22
Vatican – Catholic News Service Pope: Coronavirus vaccine must be for all, not just the wealthy 2020-9-22
News – Catholic News Service Aid makings its way to flooded communities in northeastern Africa 2020-9-21
Vatican – Catholic News Service Hope is dying in Syria, cardinal says 2020-9-18
Vatican – Catholic News Service Pope thanks elderly, ill priests for faithful, silent witness to Gospel 2020-9-17
Vatican – Catholic News Service Network offers orders help in reforming institutional child care 2020-9-16
Vatican – Catholic News Service Creation must be protected, not exploited, pope says at audience 2020-9-16



CJC通信 ◎ホンジュラスもエルサレムに大使館移設か 2020-9-22
CJC通信 ◎バチカンと中国が司教任命権で暫定合意期限延長へ、ロイター通信報道 2020-9-22
CJC通信 ◎李登輝元総統告別追悼礼拝に、安倍前首相やダライ・ラマが追悼メッセージ 2020-9-21
CJC通信 ◎赤十字国際委員会がコロナ禍でリストラへ 2020-9-21
CJC通信 ◎米メーン州の結婚式から新型コロナ「スーパースプレッダー」現象 2020-9-19
CJC通信 ◎台湾は、中国との協定延長に、バチカンの保証を確信 2020-9-19
CJC通信 ◎バチカンが中国と司教任命の暫定合意延長=中国発表 2020-9-18
CJC通信 ◎サグラダ・ファミリア、2026年の完成不可能に 2020-9-18
CJC通信 ◎イスラエルとバーレーン「完全な国交正常化」で合意とトランプ氏 2020-9-12
CJC通信 ◎インドネシア有力紙コンパス創業者ヤコブ・ウタマ氏死去 2020-9-10


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